We Got Walls and the Chickens Got Beaches!

Things are shaping up and I’m starting to get a better feel for the space. I had to make a slight design change today from an arch window above the doorway to two large triangle windows that will fill the entire front peak.

addition walls and flowers 016

addition walls and flowers 015

The view from the bedroom window will never be the same but the tradeoff will be so worth it!

addition walls and flowers 017

The builders had some leftover sand so I made the chickens some beaches. They are supposed to like sand to take dust baths in…

The banties…

addition walls and flowers 012 

The big girls…

addition walls and flowers 011

addition walls and flowers 013 

However MY chickens seem to be afraid of sand!I had to force this girl in it and she wouldn’t move once her feet sunk in!

addition walls and flowers 014

Silly chickens!

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2 Responses to We Got Walls and the Chickens Got Beaches!

  1. Penny says:

    Wow – the addition is moving right along! I bet you are just going to love it when it’s finished. Chickens really are chickens, aren’t they? Silly things. Mine only like to dust bath in dirt that is dedicated to a plant or tree or somewhere else that I totally don’t want them to be. Goof balls.

  2. Capri K says:

    Glad to see things have picked up speed! Looking good Schmenky!

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