Progress and Bargins

Things are starting to shape up on the sunroom project!

misc 7-11-12 001

misc 7-11-12 002

Tux and Nellie think it’s all a bit strange

misc 7-11-12 012

I’ve been hitting the nurseries for some good sales!

Here’s my new favorite tree, a weeping purple beech 50% off! He needs a name… suggestions?

misc 7-11-12 009

I’ve been coveting one of Capri D’s hosta for many years and never could find it. I finally scored and at 50% off too!

misc 7-11-12 010 

It’s speckled!!

I also found another hosta at 50% off that I’ve been coveting… chartreuse leaves with deep red stems


I wish I could bottle the smell from these lillies

misc 7-11-12 004

misc 7-11-12 007

misc 7-11-12 006



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4 Responses to Progress and Bargins

  1. Laurie says:

    Since the tree is a beech, you can call him Sandy.

  2. caprilis says:

    I like the thought process on Sandy… but it just doesn’t feel like a Sandy… and Sonny is already taken …

  3. vickie hunt (KUP) says:

    SeMore – because everytime I come to visit, I see more and more!
    Your home is beautiful, bear & all.

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