It’s hot here!

This catbird has a good way to deal with it though.Maybe I’ll run through the sprinkler myself!

breaking down the deck 001

The Boys enjoy the breeze from the ceiling fan!

breaking down the deck 010

BIG things start happening around here on Monday! So we can’t take refuge from the heat…

Mr C and myself are busy preparing!

breaking down the deck 014

breaking down the deck 013

breaking down the deck 016

breaking down the deck 017


breaking down the deck 018

Won’t be long and my dream of a sunroom will become reality! (Thank you MaMa!)

In other news…

The hydrangeas DID bloom! YAY!

breaking down the deck 002

breaking down the deck 004

Life is good… and HOT here on The Hill!

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One Response to Happenings

  1. Capri K says:

    The back deck area looks so sad! Waiting patiently for Junior to work his magic!
    Purty hy’s. I want one.

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