This N That

We’ve been doing a little bit of organizing here on The Hill. It was spurred on by Mr. C. bringing home two old metal cabinets from his Dad’s garage. He SAID he only wanted one, and I said I would like one too. So he brought two home… guess who ended up with both of them???

odds and ends 5-22-12 004

He’s very happy to have all of his bit’s and pieces in order and assures me that he will be more willing to do projects since he knows where everything is! If that holds true I won’t mind that he took both of them!

I also started organizing in my garden shed and found this old plant stand that I bought years ago in Greensboro.

odds and ends 5-22-12 006 

I think it looks lovely on the front porch with angel wing begonias and creeping Jenny.

A couch fulla Sassies…

odds and ends 5-22-12 002

My dog bite bruises just keep getting prettier.

odds and ends 5-22-12 007

I told Mr. C that everyone would think he’s an abuser!

Only two days til Schmenky arrives for our 17th annual Memorial Weekend Hootinanny! YAY!!

Your room is ready!

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3 Responses to This N That

  1. deb says:

    Schmenky took time out from her preparations to give me a hairscut today. Bitsy hanging with all the boys, so cute! So glad that dog did not break skin….scary

  2. Capri K says:

    I will get to see your colorful arm VERY soon!!!!
    I like that plant stand a lot. I like those sassies, a LOT!
    The Boy is taking me to the airport, be there tomorrow!!!!!

  3. Laurie says:

    Have GREAT time.

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