Hey There!

No excuses, just been to lazy to type up a post.

Let’s see, what have we been up to here on The Hill?

I took a trip up to Michigan for my nieces baby shower at the end of April, she looks beautiful!

(So do the proud Grammas!)

Erin's shower trip to MI 023


I still can’t quite figure out when my nieces and nephews turned into full fledged adults!

Erin's shower trip to MI 030

When you live in another state, you miss a lot of growing up time and the next thing you know they are married, having children, buying houses…

Another niece is purchasing her first home…

Erin's shower trip to MI 010

My nephew’s son is turning into such a big boy!

Grampa and Gramma are just a lil-bit proud of him!

Erin's shower trip to MI 079

They all just grew up … when did THAT happen???

Speaking of growing up, Tinklebelle was released and as of yesterday was still being sweet and coming to me when I called her

Misc garden and Tinklebelle 035

Misc garden and Tinklebelle 039

Sigh… can’t we just make time slow down a little bit?

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3 Responses to Hey There!

  1. Laurie says:

    And it gets worse !! I thought that when I was older and slowing down that time would as well — it’s just not so !
    Tinky is so cute.

  2. capriP says:

    the older they get…….the older we get…..

  3. Capri K says:

    It doesn’t appear to slow down at all from what I can see!
    It was good to see you last weekend, as ALWAYS!!
    I hope that squirrel baby sticks around for another couple of weeks so I can meet her!

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