Latest Paint Class… and Tinklebelle!

Painting class again yesterday! On tap was and apple orchard with a cow and pond.

I skipped the cow and added a couple of boulders and came home with this…

tinky and orchard painting 012

I didn’t HATE it, but didn’t love it either so I played around with it this morning.

I like it much better now…

tinky and orchard painting 016

No pond is complete it my mind until it has one of these…

tinky and orchard painting 013

The BEST part of the day is when Terri, teacher extraordinaire, gave me this!…

tinky and orchard painting 015

I had to bring Miss Tinklebelle to class a few times and Terri just loved her, so this is REALLY a present for Tinklebelle!

I love it!  THANK YOU Terri!  (click her name to see her website!)

Speaking of Tinky…

tinky and orchard painting 004

tinky and orchard painting 005

tinky and orchard painting 010

She’s growing fast!


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5 Responses to Latest Paint Class… and Tinklebelle!

  1. Laurie says:

    I think your painting is quite good. And a beaver is way better than a cow !! How long does each painting class last ? It seems like a lot of work goes into it.
    Tinky is a doll !

  2. capriP says:

    Good job girl……on the painting and Tinky!!

  3. Steph says:

    Your paintings are absolutely stunning! And she is just the cutest thing 🙂

  4. Capri K says:

    SCHMENKY! I am SO impressed!!! I always knew you were a wonder dog, but not a painting wonder dog!

    I wanna pet that baby squrrelly. I imagine she will be gone by the time I get there?

  5. deb says:

    You amaze again! The squirrel, painting and real, are so sweet….

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