This and That

I skyped with Schmenky yesterday and she asked me what was new. I told her nothing… I totally forgot about the new resident here on The Hill!

Meet Puff…

this and that 009

this and that 010

So named because when we approach her cage she poofs all of her feathers out to make herself look as big as possible.

Someone turned her into the Blue Ridge Wildlife center, and of course they called to ask me if I wanted to take her since she isn’t native to Virginia. She is a Coturnix Quail. Apparently the authorities seized a bunch of animals for neglect and a few escaped. Kind neighbors captured Puff, and now she is all ours!

Everyday she leaves me one of these…

this and that 012

Aren’t they precious?! Compare to the chicken’s..

this and that 013

According to the internet, quail eggs are a delicacy and will cure all kinds of ills! We just may have to get a few more!

She is in the basement beaver room which is now housing Barnabus and Maximus since Pudgie has moved outside.

this and that 008

We will be building a bigger and better enclosure for her and her future covey-mates.

Wandering around the yard

I noticed that my hydrangeas are resprouting leaves where the frostbitten ones are…

this and that 004

maybe I’ll still get blooms!

I spied these infant pinecones…

this and that 005

this and that 006

So pretty!

Not so pretty…

this and that 003

But he’s sweet!


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3 Responses to This and That

  1. Laurie says:

    Do birds crossbreed? You could introduce Puff to the pheasant and come up with some real exotic critter !!

  2. capria says:

    I love Brutusk…

  3. Capri K says:

    Liar. Glad you came clean!
    She makes sweet eggs.
    Them bunnies is messy!
    Brutusk, LOL!!

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