We Match!

Last week I took Pudge for a walk and the sunshine on his fur was so beautiful!

I thought to myself…

I wish my hair was that color”

Then it hit me, I have the knowledge and technology to make it happen!

Easter weekend 2012 027

Easter weekend 2012 034

Easter weekend 2012 033

I think I got it pretty close!

In other news this Easter weekend,

The crazy Dog Family came for a visit! Somehow the camera only focused on the Crazy Dog Baby though.

He is almost always smiling!

Easter weekend 2012 003

Easter weekend 2012 006

He wants a kitty!

Easter weekend 2012 007

On Easter Mr. C and I took a walk on The Greenway

Easter weekend 2012 020

Easter weekend 2012 022

Easter weekend 2012 016

I do SO love a beautiful weeping willow!

And we got to see this Black Crowned Night Heron catch a fish.

Easter weekend 2012 023 

Easter weekend 2012 024

I hope that your Easter was as beautiful and blessed as ours!

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2 Responses to We Match!

  1. Capri K says:

    LOOK at all of your beaver brown hairs!!!!! Lady Lovely-Locks!
    That’s a sweet Boy there!
    Glad you and Mr. C had a good Easter.

  2. Laurie says:

    Your arms must be in great shape from carrying Pudge around. Love the hair color.

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