Some Sassy Sweetness

Bits and Casey sharing a (rare) amicable moment together enjoying some fresh air.

cats 002

Then Kubota couldn’t resist the allure of an open window and pushed Casey out of his way.

cats 003

cats 005

Casey was a bit miffed

cats 006

But he exercised a bit of self control (again… rare)

cats 007

cats 009

Casey: “Being good is HARD!”

Bitsy looks on… slightly stunned that he’s behaving!

cats 008

What I’m loving this morning…

Nellie has her own little shelter on the back deck complete with a heated bed, this morning it is raining and she sweetly shares her space with Tux.

cats 012


A quiet, rainy Sunday morning here on The Hill!

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4 Responses to Some Sassy Sweetness

  1. Zona says:

    Love this post!!! Nellie is so sweet to share her warm, private space!!!

  2. Laurie says:

    That Nellie sure is a pretty cat.

  3. deb says:

    I love this post too! I’m glad the gentlemen fought amongst themselves and let Bitsy be. Tux and Nellie, sweet.

  4. Capri K says:

    What mannerly children you have raised!
    I daresay the mood would be different if Brutus Beefcake tried to horn in on Nellie’s shelter!
    I’m glad it rained, gave you a break from all of the WORK!

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