Buying Stock in Ibuprofen

I am feeling every muscle in my back, shoulders, arms and legs today.

I spent the entire day yesterday HAND trimming and renewing the forsythia and wiegelia shrubs along the driveway. They got some LONG over-do haircuts! If you don’t get the old wood out of there the blooms start to decline.

Half way done

hedge trimming 001

Mr C had to take the truck and trailer and dump them and I filled them both right back up

hedge trimming 008

All done!

hedge trimming 004

hedge trimming 005

What’s that in the background???

Another load!

hedge trimming 006


Lots of pretties are blooming! Redbuds and the dogwoods are gonna bust out today or tomorrow

hedge trimming 007

Mohawk Viburnum

hedge trimming 009

And this the the crabapple we got to replace our old Bradford pear

hedge trimming 003 

Lots of seeding had to be done after digging up the stump from the pear!

On another note, this was last Wednesday’s painting!

birds nest painting 004

I was essitted to do this one since it’s so ‘me’

I wasn’t happy with it when I brought it home so I played with it some more and got it to where I like it.

This one will even get a frame!

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5 Responses to Buying Stock in Ibuprofen

  1. Laurie says:

    I did JUST A LITTLE yard work the other day and I feel muscles that I haven’t used recently — I can’t even imagine yours!!! Guess you’ll be off to the liquor store for some more pain killer.
    Are you given a assignment for the painting classes or do you get to choose your own subject? I like the nest.

  2. Capri K says:

    My lands a livin’, that’s a LOT of twigs!!!!!
    Makes my back hurt just hearing about your toils.
    The blooming trees are gorjamous, even our cherry is weeping up here in The Mitten.
    I love your new crabapple, that is one of my very favorites!
    LOVE, LOVE, L.O.V.E. the nest!!!!!!!
    Two months until I can see everything with my very own eyeballs!

  3. capriP says:

    Good Job Girl! …..on both items!!

  4. deb says:

    With all the work done so early, you will have nothing left to do by May 1…just enjoy. Your painting is so you and so beautiful…I like the sky peaking through the leaves!

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