And Then There Are The Losses

Sadly, we’ve had a few losses here on The Hill.

We buried one of the hens this past weekend. I will miss her rich chocolate brown eggs.

My beautiful New Dawn rose contracted a virus and had to be dug out and tossed away.

She will live on in photos though…

flowers and yard 09 068


SOMEWHERE I have pictures of Schmenky and I standing under her but I can’t find them anywhere!

Another loss is the twig arbor which has held the wonderful Autumn Clematis up for many years…

capri & shorts weekend 09 010


The wood had gotten brittle and was cracking under the weight of the vines.

Garden shots 3-12-2012 001

Garden shots 3-12-2012 002

All gone

Garden shots 3-12-2012 011

The vine itself had to be pruned back severely and this is what is left.

Garden shots 3-12-2012 012

I’m sure she’ll come back stronger than ever though!

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2 Responses to And Then There Are The Losses

  1. Laurie says:

    Isn’t it sad when beautiful things die or even start their fading away?

  2. Capri K says:

    Aw, those were really cool things! I loved those wooden “holders”. Here are thos pictures of us:

    I’m sure you will replace them with something beautimous. I have no doubt your creative brain is already cookin’.

    Which chicken passed away?

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