Further Explorations in Paint

At the suggestion of my friends Michele and Ann,

I decided to go into Winchester today to take a painting class from Terri Nicholson.

She is a great teacher, and I came home with my first painting using acrylic paints…

1st acrylic 002

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7 Responses to Further Explorations in Paint

  1. Michele says:

    Oh Em Gee. A Painter is born 😀

  2. Laurie says:

    Most beautious. You do have a talent. will you be adding paintings to your mosaic web site/

  3. capriP says:

    I think you got Grandma Cecelia’s genes!! It is beautiful

  4. deb says:

    I want to live in your painting, so refreshing and spring-like. Beautiful, CL!

  5. Capri K says:

    I like it!!!!
    You are a wonder dog!!!

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