Saturday Stroll

A Saturday stroll instead of Sunday because… well…. it just might be snowing tomorrow!

Today it’s 60 degrees and sunny though!

We took Mr. Pudgie out to enjoy the sunshine and maybe get a bit of exercise.

Pudge 2-18-2012 001

Pudge 2-18-2012 005

Pudge 2-18-2012 006 

Pudge 2-18-2012 015


Look how shiny he keeps his coat!

Pudge 2-18-2012 012

He quite enjoyed basking in the sunshine I think!

Pudge 2-18-2012 008

When he was finished walking,  he headed back to his ‘lodge’.

Pudge 2-18-2012 020

Pudge 2-18-2012 023

Pudge 2-18-2012 025

Just like Paddy, he knows right where to go!

Pudge 2-18-2012 027

Pudge 2-18-2012 028

Pudge 2-18-2012 029

G’Night Pudge!

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4 Responses to Saturday Stroll

  1. Capri K says:

    I’m glad he’s not trying to escape anymore!
    Love thst second to the last one of his tail and the basking ones. He’s a handsome boy!

  2. Laurie says:

    He’s a beautiful boy. He and Lili might could have a good time together if she wasn’t such a fraidy cat!

  3. Michelle Elliott says:

    Love him, he is soooo cute. Cant believe how big he is getting… Hugs and kisses to all of you…

  4. warren says:

    He’s beautiful! Can you post some close-ups of his tail?

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