Grape Fruity Memories

There is something about cutting a grapefruit that always makes me think of my MaMa.

Using the special grapefruit knife and cutting each individual section into a succulent juicy bite sprinkled with sugar.


And because DaMaMa liked to add a special flair to everything she did, she would insert a maraschino cherry right into the center before serving.

I don’t keep the cherries on hand so I improvised with a grape and sprinkled with Truvia instead.


It was dah-lish-ous!



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4 Responses to Grape Fruity Memories

  1. Laurie says:

    Oh, the memories you brought back!! I remember those grapefruits well — and, in your photo, you wouldn’t even know it was a grape if you didn’t tell. Medication restrictions prevent me from indulging in those beauties and it’s one of the things I would like to have. Have one for me!

  2. deb says:

    It brings back memories for me too! I always thought of her when cutting grapefruit for my children….and was reminded by that thought to go the extra step and slice each section for them. She could not have grapefruit the last few years of her life, but once in a while she would indulge, and considered it quite a treat!

  3. capriP says:

    That brought some tears flowing!! Thank you L!!

  4. Capri K says:

    You never know which memories will take you right back to the Mama! Little kisses on the cheek from God!

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