Around The Hill

How strange is this weather lately? Today and tomorrow are going to be in the mid to upper SIXTIES!

I believe there may be a bit of yard work done today!

The Hellebores on the back hill are blooming their little hearts out!

Jan 2012 018

Jan 2012 017

Jan 2012 020

Jan 2012 023

Mr. C and I played lumberjacks this past Sunday down at the Crazy Dog Family’s place… a win-win situation since they needed trees taken down and they were all black locusts which will keep us warm next winter… if it ever gets to be BE winter again that is! Here is our haul…

Jan 2012 014

Jan 2012 015

Had to share these cute pictures of ‘The Boys’

Jan 2012 003

Jan 2012 001

And  close-ups of  Kismet, aka Mr. Beautimous…

Jan 2012 008

And Casey Lee Bumgardener

Jan 2012 009

And Kubota

Jan 2012 005

I’ve got to get moving and ready to play in the dirt… have a great day!


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3 Responses to Around The Hill

  1. Capri K says:

    You are SO industrious!
    I can’t believe you have flowers in the yard. What is up with this winter? I read it was supposed to be a doozy.
    Thanks for the pictures of my favorite Tangerine Trio! A smooch to them all.

  2. Penny says:

    Ohhhhh! Your Hellebores are just gorgeous! What a beautiful sight they must this time of year. I really need to look into adding some of those around here. I just love them. I love your sweet kitties, too – so pretty!

  3. deb says:

    You boys are a handsome group. Those hellebores…wow…love the sun shining through the petals. Enjoy today!

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