Sunday Stroll 12-18-2011

Yesterday, Mr.C. and I returned to Lake Arrowhead to check out the nature trails there. I mentioned them in this post.

Naturally we chose the Beaver Trail which took us around the entire lake. It was a ‘brisk’ sunny day so we walked rather quickly. The scenery is beautiful!

lake arrowhead walk and otters 003

lake arrowhead walk and otters 011

We observed Canadian Geese, Coots,  and 3 Bufflehead ducks… unfortunately we didn’t see any beavers though!

lake arrowhead walk and otters 012

We took some back roads on the way home and stopped by a pond where my friend Stacey had seen a beaver earlier in the year. We didn’t see any beavers, but we did see a pair of otters!

lake arrowhead walk and otters 018

Some research online informed me that otters are mating at this time of year and that they often use old beaver or muskrat lodges. I’m guessing this means that the beaver has moved on and there may be some baby otters to observe come springtime! How fun!!!

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7 Responses to Sunday Stroll 12-18-2011

  1. Penny says:

    What a beautiful lake! I’ve never seen an otter – so cool you got a picture of them.

  2. Laurie says:

    Would otters be as much work as beavers?? They are awfully cute critters.

  3. deb says:

    It looks absolutely balmy out there…except for the snowflakes drifting down. Here it is winter….just no snow yet.

  4. Capri K says:

    They do look like summer pictures!!

    I have a feeling Honey is going to like the words Bufflehead ducks. I am anticipating hearing it repeated. Continuously.

    What, pray tell, is a coot? I am only familiar with the old man variety.

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