A Matter of Seconds

There is a moment right at sunrise and right at sunset that I’ve been told photographers call the ‘golden moment’.

I certainly don’t fancy myself a great photographer, but I do like to capture a moment.

This morning’s sunrise gave me a chance.

It’s not the usual sunrise picture since the sun is not actually IN the photos.

It captures the moment as the sunrise reflects on the landscape. The moment is over in just as matter of seconds as you will see in these before and after shots. It’s odd in the sense that ‘after’ shots are generally the most beautiful, but not the ones after the ‘golden moment’.

sunrise before and after 005

sunrise before and after 009

sunrise before and after 004

sunrise before and after 012

sunrise before and after 007

sunrise before and after 010

sunrise before and after 008

sunrise before and after 011

I wish all of my faithful readers and loved-ones many ‘golden moments’ on this Thanksgiving and in their lives.

I am so thankful for all of the many blessings and golden moments that God has given me in my life.

Thank YOU God.

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4 Responses to A Matter of Seconds

  1. Laurie says:

    All moments are precious, but the “golden” ones are those make memories, sometimes change our lives for ever. Thanksgiving wishes and blessings right back at you.

  2. deb says:

    The photos are amazing! Thank you for the wishes, and sending them right back to you! Hugs to you and Mr C.

  3. Capri K says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Schmenkmans!
    Enjoy your family, food and festivities.
    The pictures are most beautimous, that God is a wonderful Maker.
    I am thankful for the gift of 24 years of friendship with you, and an eternity in heaven together! Love, love, LOVE to you and Mr. C

  4. twobricks says:

    Beautiful photos Lisa! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat lots of turkey and stuffign and gravy for me. And cold turkey sandwiches the next day! YUM!

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