Mr.C’s sister, her husband and son are coming for Thanksgiving! YAY, company!!

I’ve been busy getting ready for that, working on a rooster mosaic commisson, and doing lots and LOTS of critter related things!

*First off was getting old lady Roxanne out of the office/x-tra guest room. But what to DO with her?

We ended up building her a little ‘room’ of her own. The term ‘room’ sounds better than a long box right?

I hated to do it but she had started missing the litter box more than making it and the office was stinking a bit. She is also blind and deaf so she really doesn’t KNOW that she’s in a long box. She seems as content downstairs as she was in the office, and I actually pay more attention to her now too since I’m down there in the ‘studio’ working anyway. And what do you know… she’s been using the litterbox down there… maybe because it’s easier for her to find it!

*Next is taking care of Tux… I’d noticed a couple weeks back that he wasn’t being his usual charming self. I picked him up last weekend and found out that a HUGE abscess had burst on his belly. I will spare you the pictures because it’s nasty looking! We’re keeping him confined to the garage and cleaning it daily. Luckily I had already scheduled for a mobile vet (that my friend Michele works for) to come out and give everyone their vaccines so she gave him a long lasting antibiotic to help his healing along.

So all of the Sassies are up to date on vaccines now

EXCEPT,  I was unsuccessful in capturing Nervous Nellie for her shots. HOWEVER I did get close enough to see that she was sick… green mucus coming out of her nose and a nasty rattle in her breathing. The vet kindly agreed to leaving another antibiotic shot to give to her if and when I was able to get a hold of her. Needless to say it became my mission and I was finally able to sneak up behind her and net her while my assistant Mr.C held her attention to distract her.

When I grabbed her I could smell infection. I looked into her mouth and one of her upper canines is missing and her gums are red and swollen. She is now in a crate in the garage and is going to the vet today.  I’m guessing surgery will be necessary to remove the root of that broken tooth. Hopefully the antibiotic is doing it’s work right now. Poor little thing.

*Then there is the usual critter duties, brushing bunnies and trimming their nails, and of course beaver duty!

I leave you with some of the latest pics…

Sleeping with his teddy bear.

pudge wrestling 005

pudge wrestling 016

YAY!!!He’s doing BEAVER things~

pudge wrestling 004

pudge wrestling 008

pudge wrestling 009

I’ll try to post again before Thanksgiving but just in case…

I hope that you all have a wonderful day, and be especially thankful for that pumpkin pie!



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3 Responses to Busy-Busy

  1. Penny says:

    I just love that he’s doing beaver things – and he’s looking really good!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your critters!

  2. deb says:

    Sassy Cat Hill Nursing Home for Critters! I love that photo of Pudge looking all interested and nosy.

  3. Capri K says:

    I think you need to go to vet school, it would probably save you money in the LONG run!

    Do you think Tux ad Nellie had it out? Poor things. Glad Roxanne is hitting the mark and getting all loved up.WOO HOO Pudgie! He’s got some building skillz!

    Enjoy the holiday with your company and tell Sharon I’ll see her at the store!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to Sassy Cat Hill!

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