Clean Things, Good Things, Fat Things

On Monday I spent the whole day cleaning critter enclosures.

I mean really cleaning, top to bottom!

All three chicken coops and runs are cleaned, vacuumed, tilled and have new pine shavings. Each bird was inspected for lice and leg mites. No lice, leg mites are treated. Spurs and toenails are trimmed and filed.

That wasn’t enough though, I also drained and cleaned out Pudge’s big pool and his basement pool.

Let me tell you, my back felt it and I slept really well that night!

The good things? Well, when I took Pudge out to his big pool today he was a bit taken aback that he could see the bottom, but then he quite enjoyed playing in the clear cool water and it was fun for me to see him torpedoing around with his big fat self looking so nimble and in charge of his world!

misc critters salamanders 005

misc critters salamanders 008

Another good thing… with the water all clean and clear I was able to see and rescue these three loverly salamanders.

All different species too (I think)!

misc critters salamanders 009

misc critters salamanders 021

I’m quite sure that they were NOT in the pond when I emptied it. They came overnight looking for a place to hibernate. I was able to put them into the goldfish pond where there is plenty of mud and leaves to get them through the winter. Bonus that I got to see these sweet faces!

misc critters salamanders 025

misc critters salamanders 028

Fat things… well, besides ME (and there will be no picture), that would be Pudge,

who is now a whopping THIRTY pounds!



And Brutus, who I have not weighed but well, see for yourself…

misc critters salamanders 002

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4 Responses to Clean Things, Good Things, Fat Things

  1. Laurie says:

    I wonder if we could introduce Brutus to Krystyn’s Lili. She’s 18 pounds of fur and flab!!

  2. twobricks says:

    Love the pic of Brutus! I will have to come visit some day and meet all your animals.

  3. warren says:

    I thought pudge was growing up! He’s all big and stuff…and such a looker!

    It’s getting pretty cool here so I am sure that you saved those salamanders too…they need to get settled in!

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