Looking On the Bright Side

Wow, two posts in one day! Blogging is a good thing to do on a cold snowy wet day.

Frankly, I’m not lovin a big snow in October, but I decided to walk around and try to find some good things out of the bad.

So the Bradford pear tree is done.

It was looking so pretty and was just starting to go into it’s beautiful red fall foliage. Now it’s split right down the middle and will have to be cut down.

snow storm October 2011 010

BUT, this is a LOT of lunch for Pudgie!

snow storm October 2011 023

And we’ll get some firewood for next year.

And THIS branch didn’t break and take out our power line!

snow storm October 2011 019

snow storm October 2011 020

I was able to brush the snow off of my much loved Japanese maple before the branches broke!

snow storm October 2011 011

The bright Maple leaves look gorgeous against the white snow!

snow storm October 2011 012

Neighbor Mike plowed our driveway!

snow storm October 2011 018

Our neighbor’s Silver Maple tree had this branch which had been growing through our row of pines and looked out of place,

more lunch for Pudge and we don’t have to trim it out of our pines.

snow storm October 2011 024

You don’t often get to see Zinnias growing out of snow

snow storm October 2011 005

Or Impatiens blooming in the snow

snow storm October 2011 007

The postman still made it through

snow storm October 2011 022

Ironically he left me this

snow storm October 2011 025

I think it should have said “Best In SNOW”!


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4 Responses to Looking On the Bright Side

  1. BFG says:

    somthing is soooooo wrong with this picture.
    just a few days ago I was golfing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

  2. Capri K says:

    Oh my GOODNESS!!!!
    Your poor Brad!
    The zinnias are brave little things.
    Glad you didn’t lose power. Hmmm, I wonder if you Guys are going to have a bad winter as well?

  3. Michelle Elliott says:

    Unreal, obviously unexpected…. I hate winter, so much for a beautiful long fall. Our october here was perfect. 60 degrees this past Saturday and was woking out in the yard in a t-shirt, and Jeff drained the pond. Big smoochies to poppit… Our project is progressing nicely, when finished I will post an album… Hugs & love to you both…

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