Sunday… Stroll?

Ahhhhhh, I do so love this time of year.

Mr. C. and I took a HIKE instead of a stroll this past Sunday.

A 2 mile steady uphill incline

fall hike 2011 006

fall hike 2011 009

Along a leaf-strewn pathway

fall hike 2011 007

fall hike 2011 008

With plenty of beautiful colors

fall hike 2011 003

fall hike 2011 018

A midway rest stop

fall hike 2011 010

Beautiful mosses… a bit steeper near the top

fall hike 2011 012

fall hike 2011 013

fall hike 2011 025

The payoff at the top… the VIEW

fall hike 2011 016

fall hike 2011 020

fall hike 2011 021

fall hike 2011 022

And a REST

fall hike 2011 023

The payoff at the bottom…

fall hike 2011 027

fall hike 2011 035



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3 Responses to Sunday… Stroll?

  1. Capri K says:

    OH DEAR!
    That was a beautimous hike you took us on, but I am sorry for your pain and suffering.
    It has been a glorious fall.

  2. capriP says:

    Poor baby!!

  3. Zona says:

    When you said blisters, I didn’t realize you meant SUCH AWFUL blisters!! You poor thing!!! Aside from that, you are inspiring me. I NEED to get out there walking again. I’ve completely stalled and I’m scared to “weigh in” in fear that I’ve gone the other way… and I can’t blame baby for that! 🙂

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