Delving Into That Which I Hate Delving Into

I usually avoid any conversations which include politics because politicians and all of the accompanying B.S. that surrounds them usually pushes every last button in my anger zone.

I intentionally choose to remain oblivious of what is going on most of the time because I AM a wee bit opinionated and if I actually did become interested I think my head might just explode from the sheer lack of common sense that goes along with politics.

Living in the Washington D.C. area makes it very hard to avoid it completely though.

Lately it’s the economy, lack of jobs, the deficit and what is the best way to fix it.

Here are a couple of my ideas, maybe I’m naive, but they kinda seem like no-brainers to me.

#1) Instead of imposing taxes across the board… how about imposing big taxes on any American Company that outsources their jobs?

How about rewarding companies with tax breaks when they employ AMERICANS here in America?

Would that not encourage companies to keep their manufacturing here where they will in turn put a lot of people back to work?

#2) How about reducing the sales tax on American-made products and charging MORE sales tax on imports?

Just two small, simple ideas. I’m sure that there are a lot more of you with great common sense ideas too… what are they?

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One Response to Delving Into That Which I Hate Delving Into

  1. caprik says:

    I salute you and your ideas Schmenky!!!

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