A Quick Visit from Em & EEEK

My precious niece, Itty Bitty, aka Emmie-Sue, Em, Emileeeen and her new baby named for my mom, Elaine or EEEK. stopped over en route to North Carolina last night. Her marine beau is home from Afghanistan and she was so excited to be going to hug on him.

em and eeek 002

(Sorry for the blurries)

One would think that a kitty would be a bit stressed out after traveling in a car for 10 hours and coming into a strange new environment with my many Sassy Cats lurking around. But no, she ran around the house as if she owned it.

em and eeek 003

There was no growling or puffing up and only a couple of getting to know you hisses.

She is a tiny lil thing! Half the size of Casey Lee Bumgardener and she was chasing him around the house showing him who was braver!

Getting a picture of her was a huge challenge because she doesn’t sit still for a minute, but finally she got a bit tired and decided to take a rest so I could show you all her oh-so-cool coloring.

em and eeek 012

em and eeek 010

I loves her! The consensus is… calico kitties adopted from the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter are definitely keepers!

As are all of their other fur babies! Adopt your pets!

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4 Responses to A Quick Visit from Em & EEEK

  1. deb says:

    What a beautiful and bold kitty, just like her namesake.

  2. caprik says:

    She’s a two face! Beautimous kitty witty!
    So glad Emmy’s Honey has come home!

  3. Holy cow that’s a pretty cat! Want some more, by the way?

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