Sunday Stroll 9-25-2011

Haven’t been on a nice stroll for awhile. It’s a hot muggy day today so we’ll make it a quick one!

Last Saturday I took Mr.C. to work with me to help me dig this all up…

sunday stroll 9-25-11 001

I planted it in different spots on the back hillside. It will be great erosion control.

sunday stroll 9-25-11 026

sunday stroll 9-25-11 025

Apparently the Sassy Cat Hill late night diner has opened an all you can eat hosta bar!

The does love it!

sunday stroll 9-25-11 024

Fall is coming. The Asters are blooming

sunday stroll 9-25-11 018

The Japanese Anemone is just beginning to bloom

sunday stroll 9-25-11 013

sunday stroll 9-25-11 014

The Sedum Autumn Joy looks wonderful paired with Goldenrod!

sunday stroll 9-25-11 021

Mornin Glory!

sunday stroll 9-25-11 016

The million bells still look pretty even now! I do so love that plant!

sunday stroll 9-25-11 012

New babies! I pawned all of my other 6 babies off onto my friend Stacey when we had company. Then she went and picked up these two and brought them to me… a six for two trade… good deal!

sunday stroll 9-25-11 011


Also found this poor baby when Mr.C. and I went for a walk this morning. Poor lil things eyes are both infected and swollen shut! Hopefully I’ll have him/her all better quickly!



Neighbor Mike got after poor old Delilah’s bangs again!

sunday stroll 9-25-11 027

Pudgie took a stroll today too… it completely wore him out!

sunday stroll 9-25-11 004

sunday stroll 9-25-11 005

Happy Sunday Y’All!

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7 Responses to Sunday Stroll 9-25-2011

  1. krystynt says:

    Turtle! For me? Oh thank you sooooo much!

  2. caprik says:

    Purty stuff!!
    Neighbor Mike should be FINED for that mess!

  3. Kayte says:

    As promised I am posting on your blob! Love the pictures and your stories. You make everything so purty!

  4. Vickie Hunt says:

    I like turtles. Would love to have one live in my garden. What did you do for his eyes?

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