No Stroll Today, My Foot is Going to Explode

Apparently my MaMa left me a legacy… a bee sting allergy!

Last Sunday Mr. C and I were riding around looking at river lots for sale… (dreaming big!)

Anyway, while walking through one of the fields I was stung twice by some unseen insects. My right knee and ankle got all red and puffy and itchy where the stings actually happened. But by the next day there was just a bit of redness and tenderness, nothing unexpected.

Now fast forward to last night… I went out to move the sprinkler and all of a sudden felt another sting on my left foot, I was stepping on top of a yellow jacket nest! (They call them ground bees in these here parts)

I came in the house complaining about getting stung and maybe whining just a bit. Got some killin spray and went out to get revenge! When I came back in the house I began to itch on the palms of my hands… I mean seriously, I should be coming into a fortune if the old wives tale is true! Then I started itching in my armpits ! All over my torso was covered in tiny red bumps and itching like crazy. Thankfully I never lost consciousness like Mom did but it was kinda scary anyway!

Lots of uncomfortable-ness last night and here’s what my foot looks like today…


I think I’m going to be a lot more nervous around bees now as I’ve read that the more you get stung the worse your reaction is.

Great. Thanks Ma!


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3 Responses to No Stroll Today, My Foot is Going to Explode

  1. deb says:

    Hope you go get an epipen tomorrow!

  2. CapriP says:

    she left it to me too….. 😦

  3. caprik says:

    Hope you are feeling better today! That was a STRONG gene.

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