A Proper Send-off

The trip up to Michigan for Mr.C’s Dad was an emotional one.

Even though the circumstances were sad it was wonderful to see so many friends and family members.

Thank you all who attended and also to those who were with us in spirit with your thoughts and prayers.

1st Lt. Hodge would have been so proud of how handsome he looked in his WWII era dress uniform. Several months ago Mr. C took it to Quantico to be completely restored and my darling niece Emily’s Marine beau, Ryan, made sure that each metal and ribbon was perfectly placed on it. There was much measuring and such… I never knew there were so many rules about these things!

1st Lt. Hodge would have been tickled pink to see members of the Michigan chapter of the Patriot Guard lining the walkways of the funeral home and cemetery, each holding an American flag and holding their hearts or saluting in honor of a fallen hero.

Patriot guard2 

The service at the cemetery was moving with active duty Marines giving full military honors.


flag folding 

Flag presentation 2 

Gun Salute (photos courtesy of BFG)

My brother (BFG) captured this moment, as this Marine played Taps so smoothly that those of us who couldn’t see him would have sworn it was a recording.



We learned a lot through all of the stories related to us during the funeral. No one ever knew that Willy once ran for the office of mayor in Eagle River Wisconsin!

We laughed over the many Willy-isms he used over the years.

I was moved by the true sorrow shown by his old friends from the neighborhood and especially by the owner of the bakery in town that was the meeting spot for “PaPa Crash’” as they liked to call him after a few minor fender benders he had in his later years. The baker told Mr.C. through heartfelt tears “Your father… the best man I ever knew."

1st Lt. Hodge, ‘W.C.’, ‘Willy’, ‘Bill’, ‘Dad’, ‘Grampa’ was a well-loved man and he will be truly missed by many people.

I honestly hope that once you’re in heaven that you are able to look down and see your loved ones still here on earth because I know if W.C. was watching he was bursting with pride and joy. And even though he was a big tough Marine when he was filled with emotion he would cry like a baby… it was one of his most loveable traits.

Good-bye Dad, and leave a few fish in Heaven’s lakes for the rest of us to catch when we get there!

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5 Responses to A Proper Send-off

  1. Don says:

    All am going to say is THIS IS GREAT!

  2. BFG says:

    It was an awesome tribute to a good Man
    glad I could be a part of it


  3. CapriP says:

    You were all so lucky to have had him in your lives……..I also feel lucky to have known him. RIP Bill!

  4. Laurie says:

    This was such a beautiful story — I have tears running down my face as I try to type. I wish I could have known him but I feel privileged to be able to read these stories about him. I know he must have been pretty special to turn out a son like Mr. C.

    • Vickie Hunt says:

      Sorry for the loss of your beloved. You gave a special tribute in your writing of a well loved man & soldier.

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