Sunday Stroll 6-26-2011


It’s been a busy Sunday morning here on The Hill!

While Mr. C. was mowing the grass, I went down to clean the two lower chicken coops.

Why do I always pick the hot and humid days to do that job?

Any way… nice and clean inside and out! The hens all like to be the first ones in the nesting boxes after I replace the shavings!

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 019

Fluffy butts and beautimous tails

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 027

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 028

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 031

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 035

I tilled up the outside runs and they enjoyed catching worms and bugs and other delicious treats

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 034

It’s Lily time on The Hill!

Water, Day and other assorted types

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 001

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 003

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 005

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 013

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 012

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 016

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 011

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 015

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 006

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 040

This is a water plant that I had a few years ago and could never find it again. It is an annual so I’ll try to over winter this one in the greenhouse this year. I love it so much and now I know why… it is called MOSAIC plant!

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 002

Other miscellaneous pretties

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 045

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 007

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 042

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 057

The front walkway smells very lavender-ish…

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 056

Remember when BFG built the trellis around the garage door?

Look at that Porcelain vine now!

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 060

Pudge stares longingly towards the pasture… not sure why he wants to go there so badly…

Sunday Stroll 6-26-11 008

Why would he want to leave all of those pretty flowers? 



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9 Responses to Sunday Stroll 6-26-2011

  1. krystynt says:

    Where is my trailer? I need pics! And are you really serious? The chicken coop looks 4-star – too bad my namesake is dead and unable to enjoy it 😦 Poor Pudge. The grass is always greener…..

    • caprilis says:

      Will send you some pics. Not sure the trailer would be great in the wintertime though! If you’re seriously thinking about it call me and we’ll talk!

  2. Marlene says:

    Love the flowers especially the lilies. Do you have any deer around? They munched off a few of my budding lilies a few weeks back.

    • caprilis says:

      Oh yes… I forgot to post the pictures of some of my leaf-less hostas. They also ate the blooms of many of my other daylilies too. Deer off works great… if I remember to USE it!

  3. Penny says:

    What a beautiful Sunday stroll! Silly Pudge. The grass is always greener…… thanks for sharing such a beautiful day.

  4. caprik says:

    Everything looks so BEAUTIMOUS! And it has grown and filled in so nicely!
    This could be your first beaver to run away from home!!!

  5. deb says:

    Gorgeous! Will you save me some red hot poker seeds? Steph would love some too! I can’t believe the VINE!

  6. Abby says:

    Future Lisa:

    and I just thought this was cute!:

    Copy and paste to the url link to see the videos.

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