Friday Doings on The Hill

After a somewhat sleepless Thursday night things are starting to look up for the weekend!

Mr. C was informed yesterday that his Dad was being taken to the hospital for a possible bowel obstruction.

Coincidently, Mr.C had some bowel issues of his own being that he was preparing for this morning’s colonoscopy!

A few late night phone calls about his Dad and lots of bathroom sprints kept sleeping to a minimum.

The colonoscopy went well and the doctor gave him the all clear for the next 5 years.

So far his Dad is holding his own and they are hoping that surgery will be avoided.  

We would like to thank Mr.C’s sister Sharon and her whole family and also to his niece Catie for sitting up at the hospital with W.C. all night. We sure wish we could be there to help with that sort of thing.

A few prayers would be greatly appreciated for W.C. that this problem will clear up on it’s own and that surgery won’t be necessary.

On a happier note…

I had to run to Lowes today and can I tell you how much I LOVE their plant clearance racks?!

I have been coveting the  new coneflowers in the hot new colors and double forms but the cost has been preventing me from buying them with the nurseries charging nearly $20.00 each for them. Imagine my delight when I found these on the clearance!



As you can see the price is coming down a bit but getting them for $3.50 is even better!! They look a bit bedraggled now but I’m sure they’ll be awesome next year!


I also got these lavenders for the bargain basement price of $2.00 each!


And these annual blue salvia for $1.50 each! They get really big and impressive!


So I got all 9 of these beauties in the making for just a little bit over $20.00!


Happy dance!

Another out of the ordinary thing…

I guess all of the official paperwork at the State offices is complete because they are now giving out my name and number as a wildlife rehabilitator. Yesterday evening I got a call about a bird with it’s legs all stiff and it couldn’t fly.

I went and picked up this fledgling Rock Dove (yes it’s a pigeon) with spraddle leg.


Luckily this is a problem I can deal with since I’m a chicken owner and have read all about it!

Here is the leg ‘splint’ he’ll have to have on until his legs go back to a more natural position.


And here he is in his makeshift nest to hold him upright.


He’s eating , drinking and seems comfortable.

This group seems comfortable too…


Happy Friday!! 



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11 Responses to Friday Doings on The Hill

  1. Obviously Mr C is a cat hater 😉 Lucky you on the plant haul, can’t wait to see them once you’ve had time with them to make them gorgeous. And what a lucky pigeon to be cared for by you! 🙂

    Miss ya…

  2. stacey says:

    Prayers going out for Cams dad. Hope he feels better soon.

    I just saw your name listed on the VDGIF website as a warren co’ll be getting all kinds of calls now !

  3. deb says:

    Oh, I hope and pray Mr Hodge intestines resolve themselves…shooting arrows. Most things come in threes, and I will round out the intestinal subject to 3 by saying that I had my annual colonoscopy yesterday! All is well here too. The animals in Warren Co have found a good friend and helper.

  4. Lori says:

    Congratulations on the plant haul and becoming “official” at what seems to be so natural for you. I will be praying for ALL of the patients in your life — may everyone heal and get well soon!

  5. caprik says:

    Praying for Mr. C’s Dad, and both of you. It is hard being so far from the situation.

    Can these be sharable flowers next year?? I like a coneflower!

    That looks like a headless bird.

    WOO HOO, congratulations you old Rehabilitator!!!

    Look at Mr. C, all covered in LOVE!

  6. Vickie Hunt says:

    Good price on those flowers! What would cause the birds legs to do that? I found a day old abandoned kitty and tried to keep it alive but wasn’t good at nurturing. It passed away wrapped in a warm blankey. I admire your ability to rescue these babies.

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