Mr C and I spent all day yesterday putting the beaver enclosure back together. This time we made it rectangular in order to make putting the shade cloth over the top easier.



We still have some work to do before Pudge can check it out.

I was really hoping that the playpen would work for most of the summer, but Pudge really wants to escape and he’s a determined lil guy! (Thanks to Mrs. Schmenkman for capturing these action shots!)



Up and over! And headed for the pasture!


Mr C had to scramble! and then give him a stern talking to!



What a stinker!

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4 Responses to Rebuilding

  1. caprik says:

    You beat me to it, this is my tomorrow post!!
    The enclosure looks very sturdy and secure. Pudge-proof!

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  3. warren says:

    Excellent area for Pudge!

  4. Zona says:

    LOL! I know, I shouldn’t laugh… he’s a little stinker but the cutest little stinker so I can’t help it!! Look at him looking properly chastised by Mr. C. Hehe..

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