Sort of A Sunday Stroll

“Sort of” because I really took these pictures yesterday afternoon.

It’s peony time! This one has to be at the top of stunning flowers

garden pics 5-21-11 007

garden pics 5-21-11 008

I mean really, how gorgeous is THAT?! It may have to be translated to mosaic!

These are beautiful too

garden pics 5-21-11 024

garden pics 5-21-11 019

And these

garden pics 5-21-11 011

garden pics 5-21-11 018

and another Iris

garden pics 5-21-11 016

I spent most of Friday assembling a play pen for Pudge.

garden pics 5-21-11 001

He can only be out here when he is supervised as it isn’t escape or predator proof. This will allow me to get yard work done and still have him be outside with me. While Paddy pretty much stuck right by me when we went out, this little Mr.Independent likes to take off and explore! That is probably why he became separated from his fur-family.

garden pics 5-21-11 028

This frog hopped up and stared me down as if to say “What in the heck have you brought into our nice peaceful pond?!”

garden pics 5-21-11 030

He wears me, the frogs (and himself) right out!

garden pics 5-21-11 033

Good news today! I finally figured out how to get him to EAT!

Today I’m going to get a refresher course on how to deal with this particular problem…


I haven’t had a flat tire since around 1981!

Have a Happy Sunday Y’all!

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2 Responses to Sort of A Sunday Stroll

  1. caprik says:

    They are so lovely, can’t wait to smell them….in FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!!

    It’s good to see a beaver swimming in that pond again!

    Oh dear, how did you get a flat?

  2. SO what’s the secret to getting Pudge to eat???? The playpond looks GREAT, by the way… full of fun! What a lucky little guy he is… 🙂

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