Paying The Piper

Okay, okay, okay… everybody say it at once… “told you!”

Mr. C. and I are both aware that once a bear hits your birdfeeders that the best thing to do is STOP filling them, or take them down and eventually the bears won’t bother coming back. BUT, Mr.C. and I both think it’s kinda cool to see them on the trail cam pictures and we don’t mind supplementing their diet anyway. Also I really like to help the birds along at this time of year after seeing how hard they have to WORK to keep their babies fed while volunteering at the BRWC and having to take care of orphaned babies.

Up until  now we have had very polite bears, all they’ve done is knock down the feeders and bend the shepherds hooks. Then this year old Scarface showed up like a bull in a china shop!

big male bear 4-11 021

I took Pudge out to swim in Paddy’s pond this afternoon and noticed one of my cucumber trellises was knocked over, then I noticed that a couple of the pickets on the fence were broken off…bear damage 001

THEN I noticed that the louvered windows were knocked out of the greenhouse! He must have smelled the chipmunk food inside!bear damage 003

bear damage 004

THEN I went to check on the squirrel cage. I’ve continued to feed them after release, leaving one of the doors open so they could come home to sleep if they wanted to. Well, one door was completely ripped off and another one is all catty-whompus where he pushed on it.

bear damage 005

I had a block of corn/seed mix wired on the inside which Scarface clearly wanted very badly. Anyway, tonight is the first evening that the squirrels haven’t come home to sleep. No worries though, I saw them all back there earlier in the day so they must not have been on Scarface’s menu last night.

This is the only track that I found but it isn’t too clear since we had very heavy rain today.

bear damage 002

Needless to say, we’ll feed the birds during the day but we’ll be taking the feeders down at night from now on.



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One Response to Paying The Piper

  1. caprik says:

    Oh DEAR, that is a bull in a china shop!!!!
    What a rude guest!

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