Yesterday’s Sunday Stroll 5-15-11

It was a busy weekend here on The Hill! Mr. C had a LIST!

The big thing on it was to “PICK UP” meaning all of the empty pots, and other things that I’ve left around the yard as my springtime A.D.D. kicks into high gear!

I cleared many of the plants out of the greenhouse and put them onto the front porch and back deck. Munky and the babies weren’t very happy with me for that, but I left her the pots with the HUGE sunflowers she planted!

Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 006

The top of my potting bench was pretty rotted so we replaced it with a much bigger surface area!

Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 012

Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 013

These guys will keep watch over me while I work to try to keep me on task…

(for the record, that is not bird poop you’re seeing it’s the blossoms from our locust trees)

Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 015

especially this guy!

Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 014

The squirrels are still hanging around and playing in the trees

Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 016

Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 011

We got the tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cucumbers in.


Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 005

The peonies are starting to pop!

Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 002

Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 003

More iris too…

Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 010

Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 008

At the rate things are going, nothing will be left blooming by the time Schmenky gets here for our Memorial weekend hootenanny.

This tree frog has the loudest call I’ve ever heard from such a tiny creature!

Sunday Stroll 5-15-11 020

Be sure to check back later on today for some BIG news!


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2 Responses to Yesterday’s Sunday Stroll 5-15-11

  1. caprik says:

    I was just thinking that the peonys are popping because they know I’m coming!
    I am jealous of your potting bench!
    That bullfrog looks like a statue!

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