A Garden For Paddy

There was a bit of a melancholy feeling on The Hill these past few days.

We decided that it was time to disassemble Paddy’s enclosure. The reality is that we probably will never have the honor and privilege of raising another baby beaver… it’s just not something that happens on a regular basis, a once in a lifetime experience. We got tired of looking at that sad empty space.

So, down came the fencing and after a few discussions about what we should do, we decided to make a memorial garden for her.

Paddy's garden 5-3-11 002

She is buried here underneath her crabapple tree.

Paddy's garden 5-3-11 003

We did decide to go ahead and leave her pond in the ground… just in case!

Paddy's garden 5-3-11 004

Tux approves…

Paddy's garden 5-3-11 006

I’ll post more photos as planting progresses.

And on another note, one of the benefits of having a chipmunk live in your greenhouse…


Paddy's garden 5-3-11 005

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5 Responses to A Garden For Paddy

  1. warren says:

    Very nice idea!

  2. caprik says:

    It looks most loverly! I know that was hard work for you two. Physical work and heart work.

    Where did you put the little chicken coop?

    Munky is industrious!

  3. capriP says:

    Very fitting for Miss Paddy!

  4. Laurie says:

    I truly wish I had the chance to meet Miss Paddy. Since that can’t be, I hope to someday visit her memorial garden. (And also read her story when you write the book — with a happy ending!).

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