Today Mr.C and I went out to do a little garden work in Bethesda. On the way home we stopped at a favorite buffet, Great American Steak and Buffet… yummy!

We spied this beautiful Luna moth clinging to the window ledge of the restaurant so I decided to relocate it out to the safer country environment of Sassy Cat Hill.

moth and chippy babes 003

moth and chippy babes 002

That wasn’t the surprise though… when I was out in the greenhouse watering the plants I was surprised to see Munky pop her head out of one of them after I watered it… but wait… it was way to small to be Munky…

I lifted the plant out of the pot and discovered a bunch of BABY Munkys!  They already are old enough to look like grown ups and their eyes were open so I’m sure glad that I was able to save MaMa Munky from the toothless jaws of Brutus Beefcake! They kind of scattered when I pulled the plant up so I caught them all and set them into Munk’s old home but didn’t lock them in. I’m sure MaMa will find a new place to stash them. In fact when I went to grab my camera she had already taken one out, there are 4 total unless I didn’t manage to catch them all!

How precious are these Mini-Munkys…. ???!!!!

moth and chippy babes 006

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3 Responses to SURPRISE!!!!

  1. Laurie says:

    These critter stories only happen to you — You must be like the female equivalent of James Herriot. Perhaps you should start writing a book.

  2. deb says:

    At least you have this blob to record all these amazing incidents!

  3. caprik says:

    Good job, Rescuer in Chief!

    That Luna moth is cool, I have never seen one before! Hope it likes it’s new home.

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