Nightmare Happened but with a Happy Ending!

I’ve been leaving the greenhouse doors open because it gets super hot in there and I’ve been hoping that Munky would decide to leave when she was ready.

Mr.C and I are taking care of Neighbor Mike’s critters this week. So after dinner last night we decided to take Miss Dixie, the black lab for a short walk down to their mailbox to pick up their mail. We got halfway over there when we noticed Brutus walking towards the front porch with a dead creature in his mouth. I chased him down and discovered it was a chipmunk AND I was fairly certain that it was Munky because of some thinned fur on her tail that looked familiar. After some serious screeching at Brut I noticed that she wasn’t dead. I snatched her up and cradled her in my hands. I rushed her into the house and gave her a once-over and didn’t see any open wounds or punctures. She wasn’t moving though so I thought that she may have a broken spine. But as it turned out she was just in shock. After some time in a safe pouch and a small dose of antibiotic (just in case) I took her back into the greenhouse. Once she saw she was ‘home’ she took off like a bat outta hell!

When I checked her this morning she was running around just like nothing ever happened. Whew!I’m sure the fact that Brutus is missing his upper canines was her saving grace!


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2 Responses to Nightmare Happened but with a Happy Ending!

  1. Laurie says:

    There sure is a lot of drama with your critters. We’re happy that Munky is okay. I assume Brutus was already missing his canines and you didn’t knock them out for him!!!! What happened with the turkey vulture?

  2. caprik says:

    She is a lucky Munky!!!

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