Vulture Rescue

Mr.. C. was an excellent assistant for me yesterday as we rescued this turkey vulture from the side of the road.

After  leading us on a merry chase through the woods, Mr.. C headed him off and I snuck up from behind and captured him with a net.

Unfortunately his prognoses isn’t very good. He has been down for quite awhile with a badly broken wing which had already healed back together. The vet from the wildlife center was going to take him for x-rays this morning to see if it could be rebroken and fixed but she didn’t sound very hopeful.

Sad to think that euthanasia might be the result  of this rescue, but it is still better than slowly starving to death.

turkey vulture 001

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3 Responses to Vulture Rescue

  1. deb says:

    Look at those amazing feathers! I never find a bird in my path that needs rescuing…or a baby squirrel, turtle, etc, etc. Its a God thing.

  2. caprik says:

    Or rescued YOU Deb from IT! HA!

    It’s feathers are most beautimous. Hope he is able to survive.
    It looks like it is wishing hateful stuff on you from that cat carrier!

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