Sunday Stroll… on Friday

The weathermen are forecasting possibly powerful thunderstorms rolling through tonight and tomorrow so I thought I’d best take our stroll today before these beautiful blossoms are blown away.

The dogwoods and redbuds are starting to pop

Friday Stroll 001

This is the Mohawk viburnum in the front yard that I could smell all the way into the backyard… yummy!

Friday Stroll 003

Friday Stroll 004

Not very many apple blossoms this year

Friday Stroll 006

but the crabapple tree is simply GLORIOUS!

Friday Stroll 007

Friday Stroll 009

Sweet little daffs

Friday Stroll 011

and bleeding hearts

Friday Stroll 018

Ahh yes, spring has truly sprung!

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One Response to Sunday Stroll… on Friday

  1. caprik says:

    WOW, look at all that color and deliciousness! All we have are balls of buds. Still TIGHTLY closed!
    The grass IS looking a little greener from all the rain.
    Last Sunday, 85. This Sunday, 39. COME ON Michigan.

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