This n That

When Michele was here painting the mural, Little Miss Poppet got very frustrated that she wasn’t sitting on the couch and providing her with a lap and all of the spanks that she wanted.

She got her way anyhow… she always does!

misc mix 018

misc mix 020

 misc mix 019

misc mix 023

Did you notice that M has figured out my chin-concealing maneuvers?!

These five little fur babies have been keeping me busy with every four hour(give or take) feedings!

blog 3 31 2011 002

They are starting to nibble on real food now so life should start getting easier for me.

Uncle Grump and his sweet non-grump Mrs.  came for a short visit on their way down to Williamsburg VA.

He kindly provided Mr. C with fishing bait and me with food for the turtles and frogs. He’s not SUCH a big grump really!

We’re now raising our own worms!

blog 3 31 2011 003

Grump assures us that they will multiply into millions very quickly! Sure beats paying $3.00 a dozen!

I’ve been working on a couple of mosaics. I got a commission for a dragonfly piece, so I made two…

Moonlit Dragonflies

blog 3 31 2011 004

Dragonfly on Cattails

blog 3 31 2011 005

Still need to grout and finish the edges.

Oh yeah… it’s THAT time again…

blog 3 31 2011 001


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4 Responses to This n That

  1. caprik says:

    You have been a busy kitty! I miss Popp-Pop
    I almost wish it was warm enough to do work outside. It’s still FREEZING up here.
    I like your purties!

  2. Well I’m glad you didn’t disclose the actual secret, Lisa… you know, the one about Poppet actually painting the mural with me just helping her out. Whew! Glad THAT didn’t get out!! 🙂 I so enjoyed all the kitties’ company, but Poppet was just so… well… persistent about being held, how could I possibly resist?? Thanks for posting the pics… And does this mean next time I’m over I’ll be getting WORMS instead of eggs??? :O

    • Oh, and by the way, I LOVE the new mosaics!! I was telling my friend on Main Street (Gourmet Delights Gifts and Framing, across from Lucky Star) about them and she showed interest in displaying a few for you, if you’re interested. She sells on a commission basis… Just letting you know 😉

  3. deb says:

    Love your dragonflies….wish I could see the wings closer up, they are great. That Poppop, she is one of a kind!

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