The Big Reveal

My Facebook friends have anxiously been waiting for me to tell them what the heck I’m so darned happy about.

I’ve been waiting to share until this wonderful source of my happiness had been completed. I can’t wait any longer… it is mostly complete with just an element or two to be added next week.

You may remember this post of the gorgeous murals done at the Blue Ridge Wildlife center.

I have always been in love with murals.I have always dreamed of having one. There is something about art that is painted directly on walls that makes it somehow… bigger… more substantial… more real. Like you are INSIDE of the scene not just looking at it. They really make me happy.

I’ve long been planning to have a portrait of my much loved Paddy done by one of the artists, Michele Sommers, that did those murals. But as I thought about it more, I decided that what I really wanted, more than a portrait, was a mural.

The Crazy Dog People hired Michele to paint a mural in their new nursery. YES! They’re gonna have a new two-legger in their house this summer. It is so beyond cool, go check it out here!

Once I saw that, I knew I had to have one. Gotta keep up with the CDP ya know! 😉

Michele got started on it before we went to Florida, then she and her Hunny went to the Outer Banks so she came back to finish up on Tuesday and Wednesday. She probably would have gotten done sooner but I love it so much I just kept asking her to do MORE!

So here you go, the reason for all of my recent happy-dances…

You are walking through the woods on a chilly late summer morning when you come to an opening in the trees… you walk into a misty glen

Paddy's mural almost done 001

The water on a beaver pond shimmers in the morning mist

Paddy's mural almost done 003

The cat tails and pine trees whisper in the gentle breeze

Paddy's mural almost done 029

Paddy's mural almost done 028

The leaves on the birch trees are just beginning to turn

Paddy's mural almost done 014

Chickadees flit though the branches

Paddy's mural almost done 021

Paddy's mural almost done 025

A pileated woodpecker taps on a sycamore tree

Paddy's mural almost done 020

A group of deer are startled by your sudden appearance

Paddy's mural almost done 004

as is a tiny chipmunk

Paddy's mural almost done 005

and these loons aren’t to sure about you either

Paddy's mural almost done 007

A bullfrog is curious about the new activity at the edge of the pond

Paddy's mural almost done 027

as is this young raccoon

Paddy's mural almost done 009

This big black bear is not intimidated by you in the least

Paddy's mural almost done 015

This heron is too focused on catching his breakfast to worry about you

Paddy's mural almost done 013

And the beavers are far too busy preparing for the upcoming winter to stop what they are doing

Paddy's mural almost done 010

Paddy's mural almost done 011

Well, except for Paddy, who had to stop chewing on this tree and say good morning to you

Paddy's mural almost done 018

Paddy's mural almost done 019

Isn’t it wonderful? I just grin from ear to ear every time I go in there!

Michele has made my long time dream of having my very own mural come true.

What I haven’t told Michele is that she made another of my dreams come true in a way.

The feeling of this mural is so real that she has given me the life that I had wished for for Paddy.

I can look at those walls and know that this is what is happening up in heaven.

Paddy's mural almost done 002

Thank you Michele, you are awesome!

P.S. I HIGHLY recommend Michele if this has made you want a mural too and I KNOW it has!

She is very professional and extremely fun to be around.

She’ll travel and will work with your budget. If you want to be doing a happy dance every day…

get one!
her number is 540-635-6824 tell her Lisa and Paddy sent ya!


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19 Responses to The Big Reveal

  1. Sherie says:

    It’s beautiful, Lisa! And of course, it’s top notch work from Michele. She’s just awesome that way. Glad you have your very own slice of heaven. 🙂

  2. Laurie says:

    Now, for sure, I have to come to your house. From afar, I have admired your house, your yards, your mountain views — and now, a mural. It’s beautious.

  3. Ronnie Hocutt says:

    Another amazing work from Michele. It does not surprized me, her work is always beautiful.

  4. Basic Living says:

    My gosh – that is absolutely beautiful! I would be happy dancing too! I spent a long time on Michele’s website in completely awe of her talent. Thank you for sharing that beautiful mural!

  5. warren says:

    That’s great! And an awesome memorial!

  6. deb says:

    Just perfect, Lis! So beautiful, filled with such detail. I am doing the happy dance with you, and shed a tear when you talked about Paddy. Can’t wait to see it!

  7. CapriP says:

    You made me cry too! I see why you were so excited…!!

  8. Michelle Elliott says:

    Wow, beauty beyond words… It’s amazing how that one special pet in our lives can touch so many…. Thanks for sharing, it was worth the wait….. Amazing Artist!

  9. caprik says:

    Ahh Schmenky, I love it!!!!
    My favorite part is Paddy with her tail over hanging the molding.
    Love the trees and the chipmunk too!
    Can’t wait to see it with my very own eyeballs!
    Michele does beautimous work!!!!!

  10. This is just beautiful! I would never get tired of looking at it. It’s to bad Michele gave this up:(

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