Bathroom Project Update

I had HOPED to be posting pictures of a completed bathroom today; but as with most projects, we hit a few snafus along the way.

Those things have been worked out and I laid the final tile this morning. Tomorrow I’ll grout and do some touch up painting. Hopefully I’ll have it all complete in a few days.

When I was choosing the tile I wanted to somewhat match the linoleum ‘faux tile’ that we put down a few years back.

tiles 002

I had it narrowed down to a few choices but was having a hard time deciding which would look the best. Then I got a little kiss on the cheek and the choice was clear, right there on the box…

tiles 001

How perfect is THAT!?

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3 Responses to Bathroom Project Update

  1. deb says:

    The perfect marketing ploy for us! Can’t wait to see it.

  2. caprik says:

    It’s looking beautimous!

  3. capriP says:

    as perfect as perfect gets!!!

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