A Wondrous Wednesday

First I have to tell y’all about Mr.C’s and my own temporary bit of insanity from last Saturday which led to my wondrous Wednesday yesterday.

I was online reading about the care of rabbits and such when I came across the article that told me that rabbits are much happier when they have rabbit friends to socialize with. Poor Barnabus needs a friend! That led me to check out the Pet Finder website that lead me to our local Humane Society’s page where I saw ‘Bunny-kins’ and a few other bunnies that were available for adoption. I just mentioned it to Mr. C and he said let’s go see them!

There were two that were particularly cute but ‘Bunny-kins’ was clearly very socialized and friendly, AND he has coloring like a Siamese CAT… and we all know how I feel about CATS!

So we did it, we brought him home!

wii n wings 010 wii n wings 012

Unfortunately he was not already neutered and that made the introduction to Barnabus ummmm… less than successful. Barnabus wasn’t interested in having THAT type of friendship thank you veddy much!

(I’ve changed the spelling of BarnabAs to bUs because it seems more bUnny-ish to me.)

We’ve struggled with a new name because clearly ‘Bunny-kins’ wasn’t acceptable! Right now we’re leaning towards Boudreau after the Washington Capitals coach. Any other suggestions will be carefully considered.

So, that was the insanity, now onto yesterday.

The first wondrous thing was waking up to NO ICE and temps in the mild 40s and rising to almost 50 later on!

Then I packed up ‘Boudreau’ to take him to the near-by town of LU-ray to get his lil harbles removed.

(NOT so wondrous of a Wednesday for him I guess)

THAT trip took me over half way to the larger town of Harrisonburg VA which has TWO stained glass shops!

The first one I went to was nice and very organized and I found a few bits of scrap glass in colors that I use often.

stained glass finds 001

The best score there was these strips of water glass that I really love.

stained glass finds 002

They charge $2.00 a pound for scrap which I think is kinda high, so I was satisfied, but not thrilled, with my purchases.

I wasn’t going to go the the other place but I called the vet and he told me I couldn’t get the rabbit yet cuz he was still groggy. So off I went to see what else I could find.


The shop was someplace that I had tried stopping at a few times before because they also sell beads, but they were always closed when I tried. The lady inside said that they didn’t have much scrap to choose from but I could have a look.

She had about six small bins of scrap separated by color.  Not a LOT to chose from but OH MY GOSH!

I asked how much she charged… “a DOLLAR a pound”… OH. MY. GOSH!


Look at the REDS!

stained glass finds 007

The ORANGES! For those who don’t know, the reds, yellows, and orangy colors of stained glass is pretty expensive!

stained glass finds 005

The swirly greens!

stained glass finds 009

My haul! Some good size pieces too!

stained glass finds 010

For a mere 10 American dollars!

AND she sold this larger size Weldbond glue for $6.00 Laaaaaaaa!!

stained glass finds 013


I’m a happy camper! ‘Boudreau’ did fine with his surgery so hopefully his next encounter with Barnabus will have better results. Other stops in Harrisonburg… Ross, the Maxx, the nicest ever Big Lots, and Goodwill. All in all, a wondrous day!

Now I’m off to play with some glass!

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4 Responses to A Wondrous Wednesday

  1. Laurie says:

    You are SOOOO LUCKY. That’s quite a nice stash for not so many dollars. It’s like Value World for the glass artist!!!!
    Hope Boudreau and Barnabus become good friends.

  2. capriP says:

    He is sooooooo cute!!!

  3. deb says:

    He is so sweet looking, so siamese like. Those red and oranges are such a good find, my bits boxes of those are spare and get used up quick.

  4. caprik says:

    Welcome Boudreau! You resemble your cousin, Mama Mia!
    If you get ANOTHER bunny, Bocephus would be a good name!
    All your glass is delicious! Can’t wait to see what you will create with the scrap-age.
    I am enamored of the green swirly stuff and the water glass.

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