Makin Bacon and a Gratuitous Bum Shot

I’m pretty much of a traditionalist when it comes to breakfast. I make it the way I saw my Mom or Dad or brothers make it over the years. Our family loves scrambled eggs deluxe with the exception of Uncle Grump of course… he only likes stuff PLAIN!

This mornings feast… fresh from the chicken’s butts eggs with cheese, bacon, onion and mushrooms. YUMMO!

bunnies and bacon 005

Also, I just read something about cooking bacon in the oven! HUH? Not getting popped with hot grease and fighting to keep the edges from curling up?  How UNtraditional! But what the heck, I’ll give it a try…

bunnies and bacon 003

A new tradition is born! THIS is the way to go! Spread out on a jelly roll pan and broiled on high. Didn’t have to turn it, never got popped and it’s flat and crispy!

bunnies and bacon 004

And now for that gratuitous bum bun shot…

bunnies and bacon 002

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4 Responses to Makin Bacon and a Gratuitous Bum Shot

  1. Zona says:

    Two of the cutest butts EVER!!!!!

  2. deb says:

    Barnabas looks like he’s settling in just fine, and Poppet looks like she’s saying…if I don’t look at him, he’s not there.

  3. Michele says:

    Yeah, what a cute bunny butt! As for the bacon, we made ours that way (broiled in the oven) for many years… we had a dedicated cookie sheet that we would line with 2 layers of aluminum foil (2 because often one would tear, and the other would be “backup”), and then we used a cookie cooling rack (metal, not the black coated kind) to put the bacon on so the grease dripped off. Great method, but a warning: our oven is not self-cleaning… talk about a MESS! And the splatter would make the oven smoke long after the bacon was consumed… so we recently went back to cooktop bacon cooking… 😦

  4. caprik says:

    I didn’t think your Girls were still laying!
    Good way to use up the eggs, YUMMO!
    LOVE the fur baby picture!

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