Thursday Stroll

Woke up this morning to a loverly 8” of the white stuff. I wasn’t sad to see it though, all of the other snow storms have been missing us and the ground needs the moisture.

Thought this pic was cool since you can see the reflections of what’s inside the house as well as the outside.

snow 12-27-11 001

The poor white birch tree lost a couple of limbs to the weight.

snow 12-27-11 003

The greenhouse did great though! It’s 70 degrees in there right now!

snow 12-27-11 010

What is REALLY cool… is this old beast!


Mr. C. rescued it from W.C.’s garage on one of his trips to the mitten this past summer. It hadn’t run in years and was just rusting away. Mr. C. put a new carburetor on it and fixed a couple of other things and it works like a champ. Although we do have to raise the tines about an inch from the ground so we don’t mess up the gravel.


MUCH easier than shoveling that loooooong driveway. But, my shoulders are still pretty achy from pushing that thing.

It sure is pretty out there…

snow 12-27-11 009 .

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3 Responses to Thursday Stroll

  1. Laurie says:

    We had that kind of snow in November — I agree, it’s beautiful

  2. caprik says:

    It is so purty!
    Love that first picture! It looks like you have the light and tv set up outside!

  3. deb says:

    That last picture looks like a magical winter wonderland.

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