Stuff Like This Only Happens To Me

Yesterday I was back at Chesley decorating for Christmas. After I finished up for the day I decided to go and check on the chickens and say hello to the goats.

I had seen one of the goats up by the fence having a chat with one of the neighbor’s cows early in the morning when I first came in. Or so I thought!

The rain and fog had cleared up in the afternoon and I could see that what I thought was a goat that morning was really a young calf that had gotten itself trapped between the neighbor’s fence and the goat fence! The poor thing had been trapped there the entire day and who knows how long before that! She was very dehydrated and weak.

blog 005 blog 004

MaMa was beside herself with worry.

blog 006

I got a crow bar and pried the fence board free from the post and released her. They were gone before I had the chance to get a picture of the happy reunion.

In other news, Munkie has gotten a bit wild, so I’ve been allowing her some freedom in the greenhouse during the day. She loves digging in the pots! I believe she’ll be ready for release this spring. I can’t release her now because she has no winter burrow and no store of food.

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3 Responses to Stuff Like This Only Happens To Me

  1. caprik says:

    Your Baby is getting so big!
    You are a missionary from God to rescue critters in need. Good job Schmenkerton!

  2. Laurie says:

    If stuff like that is gonna happen, then I’m glad you’re there to rescue the poor animals.

  3. CapriP says:

    You are right………..only you!

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