Last Sunday’s Stroll

Schmenk informed me that she “is sick of lookin at that deer” So I thought I’d better do something about that.

I took pics to do a Sunday stroll post last Sunday, but then something distracted me… something about making a space in the garage for Mr. C’s car to fit in I think.

The greenhouse is all put together and I’ve got my plants in for the winter!



Neighbor Mike got himself not one, but TWO new roosters free from a coworker! Oh yeah, we’ve got those nasty neighbor’s surrounded now!



The chorus of crowing in the morning is a joy to hear for the rest of us in the neighborhood! Ppptft… move to the city if you don’t like the sounds of the country!

In other news, I’ve been holed up in ‘my studio’ working on more mosaics. Also still pecking around on the website trying to figure things out. I’ll probably go ahead and launch it in all of it’s imperfectness soon.

I’ll post pics of works in progress soon!

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One Response to Last Sunday’s Stroll

  1. deb says:

    A beautiful chorus, music to my ears too! The greenhouse looks so charming stocked full of overwintering plants.

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