New Ladies of The Hill

With a little gentle persuasion and a friend’s rooster needing a home, I finally got the Crazy Dog People to build a chicken coop!

Today we headed out and got some hens. 9 for them, 4 for me!

I took my camera down with me to take pictures of their new coop and flock but somehow forgot to take any. DUH!

I’ll have to go down and snap a few shots. They got a couple of cool Polish hens that I’m wishing I had.

But these are my four new ladies. 2 Partridge Cochins and 2 Andalusians.

new hens oct 2010 007

The Cochins have the most adorable feathered feet, which are very difficult to photograph!

new hens oct 2010 003

The Andalusians have loverly  smoky gray outlined feathers

new hens oct 2010 005

It’s a good thing that I didn’t take any extra money with me or I would have had to build another coop! She had all kinds of chickens for sale including Polish, Frizzles and Silkies which are the most adorable things in the world !


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3 Responses to New Ladies of The Hill

  1. deb says:

    They are lovely! I know someone who has blue cochins, they are beautiful and friendly.

  2. CapriP says:


  3. caprik says:

    Them chickins is CUTE! Yes, names please.

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