Chincoteague Island

What a wonderful day! Talk about walking! Mr C and I did about 10 miles today, most of it on the beautiful beach in some pretty strong winds…

chincoteague 2010 037

chincoteague 2010 039

We also hiked through some cool woods…

chincoteague 2010 064

chincoteague 2010 065

Saw some purty birds…

chincoteague 2010 069

chincoteague 2010 040 

And we got to see some of Chincoteague’s wild ponies…

chincoteague 2010 068

chincoteague 2010 073

chincoteague 2010 078

chincoteague 2010 084

Saw some mosaic work, not exactly my style but you have to appreciate the amount of work it took…

chincoteague 2010 033 

chincoteague 2010 042

chincoteague 2010 053

chincoteague 2010 043

I have a blister on my toe but more hiking is on schedule for tomorrow. Life is good!



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3 Responses to Chincoteague Island

  1. deb says:

    Looks like you have the island to yourself! Beautiful sights!

  2. caprik says:

    Very loverly!
    I didn’t know you were gone, have a splendiferous time!

  3. warren says:

    Those mosaic would be a lot of work…for the people who buy the hosue next to take down!

    Sorry…was that mean of me?

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