Walking Wednesday

I know, it’s Friday… YAY!!!

Mr C and I have had a long standing tradition for Wednesdays…

We have called it “Wet Your Whistle Wednesday”, we have cocktails mid-week in order to get over the work week hump. But since I’ve been trying to lose weight I’ve quit the cocktails so I proposed that we have Walking Wednesdays instead.

This past Wednesday we began our walk and only got a short way up Rocky Lane when Mr. C said “LOOK!”

Right in the middle of the road was this precious little punkin!…



She was very tired from her ordeal!

Her little eyes haven’t even opened yet. They had just mowed along the sides of the road so something must have disturbed a nest. We searched all over for signs of any others but didn’t find any.

We cut our walk short so I could take her home and get her rehydrated and warm.

She’s doing really great. Chipmunks are a LOT more active than baby squirrels, I’ll have to be really careful that she doesn’t jump out of my hands and become a toy for the Sassies!


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3 Responses to Walking Wednesday

  1. caprik says:

    Can I hold her? Can I, Can I, huh????
    Kiss, kiss, baby chipmunk!

  2. deb says:

    What timing, surely he would not have lasted very long. Good luck with the precious little bundle of energy!

  3. CapriP says:

    Only You! 🙂

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