The Biggest Litterbugs

Mr C and I have been taking walks lately and also trying to do our part in helping Mother Earth.

This morning we walked from our house to highway 340 on Rocky Lane and picked up trash.

blog stuff 2 010


Rocky Lane is included in our town’s self guided tour detailing our local Civil War history.. The tour guide states that Stonewall Jackson and his troops regularly used Rocky Lane and that the road hasn’t really changed all that much since the war. Probably true, but I can tell you with certainty that Mr Jackson and his troops were NOT the red necked pigs that travel the road these days!

In the 1.2 miles between our house and the highway we picked up 4 bags of trash!

blog stuff 2 009

In our unofficial survey we discovered that the biggest litterbugs in our area are…

#5- Taco Bell eaters

#4- Gator Aid and Energy Drink drinkers (apparently it takes a lot of energy to throw your trash out of the window)

#3- Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper  drinkers

#2- McDonalds eaters

And the #1 all time worst litterbugs…

Smokers and Beer(mostly Budweiser) drinkers!

I’ll never understand why people just can’t take their trash home and dispose of it properly. Particularly irritating to me, and one of my biggest pet peeves are the smokers who carelessly toss their cigarette butts out of the window; especially during a major drought! Why do they think the world is their own personal ashtray?? Grrrrrr… don’t get me going! I wish there was a way that we could report them and they would get fined or ticketed or something! Or maybe we could just go ahead and shoot them…

Anyway, we did our small part today and will continue to do so whenever we go for walks.

I took some pictures of the ponds at Chesley to illustrate the severity of our drought

This pond is now a puddle. Normally the pipe that you see is completely under water…

chesley fall 2010 011

chesley fall 2010 010

This is the big pond in front, normally the rocks are mostly under water …

chesley fall 2010 007

The water is supposed to be completely covering the rocks here…

chesley fall 2010 008

Yep, we sure need rain, LOTS of rain!


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3 Responses to The Biggest Litterbugs

  1. caprik says:

    I think we got your rain this morning. And Thursday.
    You are good people to pick up trash. People ARE pigs. There is no excuse.

  2. Zona says:

    Those ponds are amazingly low. We really need the rain!!!! And that trash… Ugh!

    Do you remember that fatal house fire on 55? I think I read that started with a cigarette butt. And with all of that trash, you’d think that we have to pay to bring our trash. It’s FREE people!!

    We thank you both. We’ve done to Browntown but NEVER had that much trash. 😦

  3. warren says:

    Gee whiz you are dry! We are too but I don’t think that bad!

    Ugh…I know your pain as far as litter goes…there are trash cans everywhere! Wait 10 minutes and you will be near one! Good on you for cleaning up!

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