More of the Summer Capri Gathering

On August 31st Capri D and BFG graciously hosted yet another family get-together to make it possible for me to see as many people as possible in the short time I’m up in the mitten.

It worked out well that my niece Emily and Ryan, her marine man were up in the mitten too! I’ve been wanting to meet him.

wildlife sightings 078

I also got to see Capri A and finally meet the wonderful man who stole her heart. I can’t imagine why I didn’t get a photo of them together. But here’s John with BFG heading out for a spin in the jeep.

wildlife sightings 076

And here are all five Capris together…

wildlife sightings 087

       A,            K,              L,          P,        and D!

It was so fun being all together again!

Thanks Jeff and Deb for being such wonderful hosts!

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2 Responses to More of the Summer Capri Gathering

  1. deb says:

    We’d be in trouble if we had the same initials.

  2. capria says:

    AWWWW! Love the photos! Wonderful to see everyone. WONDERFUL!

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